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Data Protection Declaration

Data Protection Declaration

As of 17.01.2017
This Data Protection Declaration by BAUMANN Springs Ltd., Fabrikstrasse, 8734 Ermenswil, Swit-zerland (hereinafter called "BAUMANN") contains information on the processing and/or protection of personal data and other personal data (hereinafter called together "personal data") when you visit and use this website (hereinafter called "website").
Special, supplementary or other Data Protection Declarations may exist for individual and additional offers and services from BAUMANN.

1.    Processing of Personal Data

1.1    BAUMANN is subject to Swiss data protection law and any applicable foreign data protection legislation, especially that enacted by the European Union (EU). The EU recognizes that Swit-zerland has legislation which ensures an adequate level of data protection.

1.2    BAUMANN processes the personal data which are necessary to operate the website permanently. BAUMANN also processes personal data which the website visitors and/or users (hereinafter called together the "visitors") record themselves, e.g. to contact BAUMANN or apply online for a job with BAUMANN in Switzerland or with other companies in the BAUMANN Group in other countries. BAUMANN may process these personal data using third-party services or arrange for the data to be processed by third parties, and transmit the data to other companies in the BAUMANN Group – also abroad – if and as long as an adequate level of data protection is guaranteed and these personal data are only processed for the same purposes as at BAUMANN. Personal data will be stored for as long as they are required for the particular purpose(s).

1.3    As is standard procedure with every website, data are collected when this website is accessed. These data include, for example, the date and time stamp, utilized Internet protocol (IP) ad-dresses, addresses and names of the clicked pages, information on the utilized operating systems and browsers, and any enabled location data. BAUMANN uses these data to statistically evaluate website visits and usage, and to detect technical problems in order to improve the website and otherwise develop it further. BAUMANN does not use these data to identify any visitors.

1.4    BAUMANN will not pass on any personal data to third parties without the consent of the data subjects. This obligation does not apply to statutory requirements to transmit data, transmit data within the context of information in this Data Protection Declaration, transmit data to enforce legal claims by BAUMANN and other companies, and transmit data in order to protect legitimate interests.

1.5    BAUMANN will take suitable organizational and technical measures to ensure data protection and data security. When processing personal data abroad and with the aid of third-party services or through third parties, BAUMANN will take measures in order to ensure an adequate level of data protection.

1.6    The website is accessed by means of transport encryption (SSL/ TLS, https://…).

1.7    As is normal with every use of the Internet, access to this website is subject to unfounded and suspected independent mass monitoring by security agencies in Switzerland, the EU, the United States of America (USA) and other countries. BAUMANN is not permitted to exert any influence on corresponding data processing by intelligence services, police forces and other security authorities.

2.    Legal Principles

2.1    The main legal basis for processing personal data with the consent of the data subjects is Article 6 (1) a of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

2.2    The main legal basis for processing personal data, which are required for the performance of a contract with data subjects or for compliance with legal obligations of BAUMANN and other companies in the BAUMANN Group, is Article 6 (1) b of the GDPR and Article 6 (1) c of the GDPR.

2.3    The main legal basis for processing personal data, which are necessary to protect the vital inter-ests of data subjects or other persons, is Article 6 (1) d of the GDPR.

2.4    The legal basis for processing personal data, which are required to protect legitimate interests pursued by BAUMANN and other companies in the BAUMANN Group, but are not covered by another legal basis, is Article 6 (1) f of the GDPR, except where such interests are overridden by the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subjects which require protection of personal data, in particular where the data subjects are children. When processing personal data in this context, the legitimate interest of BAUMANN and other companies in the BAUMANN Group is to protect their own business activity for the benefit of the general public, owners and employees.

3.    Cookies and Web Beacons

3.1    BAUMANN and third parties may use cookies and web beacons for the website. Cookies and web beacons are used, also at third parties (third-party cookies), to statistically evaluate website visits and usage, and detect technical problems in order to improve and otherwise develop the website further.

3.2    Cookies are primarily small text files which are stored on devices such as the smartphones and other computers of the visitors to the website. Web beacons are called up when the website is visited and used. BAUMANN stores cookies and data relating to cookies and web beacons for as long as this is necessary to permanently operate the website.

3.3    Cookies may be deactivated or deleted entirely or partially in the browser settings at any time. Web beacons may be blocked at any time in the browser-settings or with corresponding browser add-ons. With fully or partially deactivated cookies and blocked web beacons, the website becomes less user-friendly or it can no longer be used to its full extent.

4.    Third-Party Services

4.1    BAUMANN may use third-party services – also abroad and therefore in the USA as well – to permanently operate the website.

4.2    BAUMANN uses Google Analytics to statistically evaluate website visits and usage, and detect technical problems in order to improve and otherwise develop the website further. BAUMANN will not use Google Analytics to identify and visitors.

4.3    Google Analytics is a service of the American company Google LLC (hereinafter called "Google"). Google processes data on visits to and use of the website on behalf of BAUMANN.

4.4    BAUMANN has activated the anonymization of IP addresses in Google Analytics so that the IP addresses of the visitors – apart from exceptional cases such as technical problems in Europe – are shortened prior to transmission to the USA. According to its own offers, Google does not combine data of the visitors with other data of Google. Visitors to the website may revoke pro-cessing of their data by Google within the framework of Google Analytics by means of the "browser add-on for deactivating Google Analytics" or by means of a corresponding "opt out" cookie. Visitors can also manage the information which Google uses to display any advertising.

4.5    Google is subject both to the EU-American and the Swiss-American Privacy Shield, and therefore guarantees an adequate level of data protection. Google has published corresponding contact addresses for complaints and questions relating to data protection.

4.6    In particular, Google has published the following information on the nature, extent and purpose of data processing: Data Protection Declaration & Utilization Conditions, Data Protection with Google Analytics, Google Analytics Conditions.

5.    Rights of Visitors

5.1    Visitors and other persons whose personal data are processed by BAUMANN may request free confirmation as to whether personal data are processed and information on processing of their personal data, arrange for processing of their personal data to be restricted, exercise their right to data portability, correct, erase ("right to be forgotten") or have their personal data blocked, revoke consent to process their personal data and object to processing of their personal data. The individual rights of visitors and other data subjects are based on the currently valid data protection legislation.

5.2    Rights under data protection law can normally be asserted by e-mail, but also in a letter:
BAUMANN Springs Ltd.
8734 Ermenswil
e-mail info.ch@baumann-group.com

5.3    Mr. Damiano Ianeselli (e-mail damiano.ianeselli@baumann-group.com, tel.: +41 55 286 85 73) is responsible for data protection at BAUMANN.
The Data Protection Representative of BAUMANN in the EU is BAUMANN GmbH, Friedrich-List-Strasse 131, 72805 Lichtenstein, Germany.

5.4    Visitors and other persons whose personal data are processed by BAUMANN have a right to complain to the supervisory authorities responsible for data protection. The supervisory authority for data protection in Switzerland is the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (EDÖB).

6.    Final Provisions

BAUMANN may alter this Data Protection Declaration at any time. The change will be published on the Website.