Springs and stampings
for medical devices

Medical competence

We are a reliable, experienced partner for tailormade solutions in medical devices. As an independent division within BAUMANN Group our medical approach is a cornerstone of our corporate vision and long-term strategy. Our dedicated, ISO13485 certified medical sites addresses the customer needs in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. BAUMANN MEDICAL has the know-how, the capabilities, and the processes to fulfill the sector specific requirements and is therefore recognized as an expert in this field.

A specialized medical team of professionals based in the USA, Europe, and Asia, works closely with customer teams to support the development of the best component for a device, as well as to provide the most valuable solution for a specific customer project.

Thus our partners benefit from our expertise as a long-standing world-leading springs and stampings manufacturer. BAUMANN MEDICAL has the same high standard in business ethics, mindset, and level of aspiration at all sites.

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Springs, stampings and bent components are our specialty – the success of your project is our goal. We have specific know-how in certain applications which makes us a recognized expert and technical consultant in our fields. But you can expect more from us. It’s the way we work with you that makes us a valuable member of your project team. With more than 130 years of experience and our 1500 employees in eleven locations around the world, we are eager to support you wherever you are.